Advance PPRC pipes and fittings are the world class hot & cold water supply system suitable for all sanitary & portable water applications.
Our pipes & fittings are made of polypropylene random o-polymer (PPRC). PPRC pipes are known for its strength & ideally suited to the requirements for any carrier of drinking cold & hot water transfer. The raw material used in the manufacture of our pipes & fitting confirms to global quality standards & display exemplary degree of homogeneity & quality.

In ordinary PP-RC pipes because of there impurity, after a certain period of time, the microbe grow and add here on the inside surface of the pipe. It grows in the layer when the water in the pipe flows slowly or does not flow at all for some time, which decreases the quality of water, hence give bad smell. Especially in the case of hot water, special types of microbes grow and propagate rapidly in a short period of time, and the pipe can get blocked eventually. In ADVANCE PP-RC piping system, because of its 100% pure PP-RC material, nothing happed like this and all remains smooth for a long period of time.



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